Writing Academy 2023- 3 Day Workshop

Online education Flat isometric vector concept of online education, e-learning, webinar, training academic publishing stock illustrationsThis 3 Day workshop covers strategies for academic writing: writing to prompts, targeting a journal/specific criteria, types of prompt for academic writing, ‘snack writing’, goal-setting for writing, motivation, freewriting, generative writing, analysing academic writing, drafting and revising an abstract/summary, constructing a ‘contribution’ argument, using prompts in series, outlining, productive writing behaviours, wellbeing, writing groups, micro-groups and retreats. Many of these can be used in preparing for a concentrated spell of writing at a writing retreat.

This is a practical workshop. The aim of the writing activities in this workshop is to let you try these strategies and consider how/if/where they can fit in your writing practice. We also discuss how they can be used for writing theses, articles and other writing. They also let you start/work on your writing project during the workshop.

The online version of this course involves several short writing activities, all designed to help you develop your paper/chapter/thesis and use productive, healthy writing habits. By signing up to this course you agree to do the writing tasks and to talk about your writing in online small-group discussions, to give and receive feedback on this writing and to discuss your writing plans and goals.

You can find the programme here


Workshop Date Time Location
Writing Academy: Day 1 Wednesday, 21st June 2023 10.00 – 16.00 Online
Writing Academy: Day 2 Thursday, 22nd June 2023 08.55 – 16.45 Online
Writing Academy: Day 3 Friday, 23rd June 2023 08.45 – 16.45 Talbot Campus


Please note, participants are required to attend all three days of the Writing Academy sessions.

To book a place on this workshop please complete the Booking Form.


For any specific queries regarding this workshop please email Pengpeng Hatch: pphatch@bournemouth.ac.uk.