Pub talk: Craft beer narratives and public health

The Centre for Science, Health and Data Communication Research would like to invite colleagues to our Christmas Seminar, Here’s to Your Good Health? Craft Beer, Drinking Cultures and Public Health, to be delivered by Associate Professor Guy Redden of the University of Sydney.

This research event will take place in the unique setting of one of Bournemouth’s celebrated pubs, Poole Hill Brewery, at 5.30-7.00 pm on Weds 13 December.

As you sip through the pub’s fine beers, Dr Redden will examine the novel range of ways in which craft beer is portrayed as better than most booze and how craft culture is becoming entwined with NoLo (no and low alcohol) and the rise of “mindful drinking”. He will then discuss how public health interventions increasingly involve sophisticated understandings of alcohol culture change. The event will feature responses from Professor Darren Lilleker and Dr Sae Oshima.

Please sign up for your free tickets here.