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Dr. Samreen Ashraf: Keynote Speaker at the PGR conference- Bournemouth University

Dr. Samreen Ashraf was invited as a Keynote Speaker at the 13th Annual Postgraduate Conference organised by the Doctoral College- Bournemouth University on 01/12/21.

The keynote covered Samreen’s research topic of multiple identities where she talked about juggling multiples identities successfully. Though everyone holds multiple identities, but this session was focused on PGR’s multiple identities. Discussing questions like, who we are/how we would describe ourselves and what determines our behaviour in certain situations enabled the audiences to reflect on their respective journeys.

Drawing upon Samreen’s own PhD journey, the session was ended by bringing in the positive side of having multiple identities and the ways to utilise them in our best interest.

Dr. Samreen Ashraf Guest Talk

Dr. Samreen Ashraf was invited to be a guest speaker at the Virtual Bootcamp even organised at the Foundation University Islamabad- Pakistan for the aspiring entrepreneurs. The event was well attended by national and international audiences.

Samreen presented her talk on understanding the importance of multiple identities for entrepreneurs to excel in their respective projects. While talking about entrepreneurial identity, Samreen shared some key takeaways, first,  importance of understanding who one is to be able to know their own skills, attributes and values, second, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses which then enable them to recognise the right opportunities, third, thinking out of the box and saying ‘No’ to any of the opportunities which are beyond entrepreneurs scope and might not align with their entrepreneurial identities.

The talk was very well received by the students, staff of Foundation University and others present at the event.