21 Issues for the 21st century- UNEP asserts that Skills and Education are Critical

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) recently completed their Foresight Process,

led by 22 distinguished members of the scientific community and involving more than

400 leading scientists and experts from around the world with the aim of  identifying and ranking the most pressing emerging environmental issues

for the 21st Century. The highest ranking priority was to overhaul global environmental governance to meet 21st Century challenges.

The Second was:

Transforming Human Capabilities for the 21 Century – upskilling the global workforce for a Green Economy.

Good news for those working in the area of SD and Green Economy .

Number 4  ‘social tipping points’  poses the question that for me is fundamental – how do we catalyse human behaviour change?


the report is available at
















Century: Meeting Global Environmental Challenges and


Moving Towards a Green Economy



the global work force for a Green Economy




– and this from a list of over 90 issues.

As Bill Scott said in his blog







“…good news for social scientists everywhere that governance, human


capability, the green economy, etc, feature so prominently.”


Find the Foresight Report at: