COST pilot evaluation and selection scheme for interdisciplinary proposals

COST (European Co-operation in Science and Technology) has announced the launch of a pilot evaluation and selection scheme for interdisciplinary proposals. You may remember from my earlier posts on COST, that  this is a funding source which offers support for networks centred around nationally funded research projects in fields that are of interest to at least five COST countries. And that it has had a whopping €10m boost lately.

A pilot evaluation and selection procedure for the submission to the Open Call of Trans-Domain Proposals (TDP) will be launched in early 2013. These funding opportunities offer researchers the chance to bid for funding to support future networks across wide interdisciplinary research areas. Currently all domains across the COST Open Call use a two stage submission process; the TDP Pilot will  require a single submission of a full proposal, with the aim of making the evaluation and selection procedure faster.  This means that if you want to submit a proposal you will need to pre-register;  this will most likely be from 15 February 2013 to 29 March 2013 with the Full Proposal to be submitted by 14 June 2013 and the first proposals to be approved in November 2013.