2 EU Partner searches

CETMA is seeking partners to get involved in a project regarding training platform for civil security intelligence analysis community. The aim is to train law enforcement agents on virtual civil scenarios, using training paths based on virtual learning that is related to user’s skills (advanced, medium, beginner) which will improve both agents deduction and induction ability.

ENEA,Italian agency for energy, environment and sustainable economic development, is seeking partners to join two projects, topic NMP.2013.1.3-1 ‘Safety in nanoscale production and products’ and topic SST.2013.1-2 ‘Towards the zero emission ship’.

ENEA develops research activities aiming to provide support for public policies and decision making processes, and it contributes to the development of innovative technologies stemming from research performed in public/private partnership. ENEA has a long experience in European projects, both as co-ordinator and as partner.