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Participant Portal Updates

Changes are being made to the European Commission’s Participant Portal over the coming months with major changes due to be finalised by 2020.

One of the first updates is a Partner Search facility. This allows you to find potential partners for your research project, based on organisations already registered on the Portal and are in receipt of funding. As part of this, there is a useful overview of the organisation and its interaction with European funding schemes. Access is also given to top level information about funded projects. This complements the other partner searches already available. Why not use this feature to find out who else is being funded in your research area?

Going forwards, the Portal will provide access to more than Horizon 2020 and a few other schemes. It is planned to become a single-point of entry to EU funding.

More news will be posted on the Participant Portal and by UKRO  – sign up to receive alerts through BU’s membership.



Who is doing what in the EU?

I love reading about research and one of the publications that is on my lunch-time reading list is research*EU. This publication brings together short summaries of projects funded by the EU. One thing which often comes to mind is how often I see research that is relevant to BU’s research areas. Each of the summaries has a link to the CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service) record for the project which gives access to publicly available reports, articles and, importantly, the project partners. As of July 2015, this now includes information regarding Horizon 2020 projects.

June researcheuHere are some examples from the current edition, with a focus on Seas and Oceans: Studying earth’s final frontier, that are relevant to BU:

  • ARROWS: ARchaeological RObot systems for the World’s Seas –  CORDIS / Project Website
  • REMPARK: empowering patients and improving treatment of Parkinson’s disease – CORDIS / Project Website
  • POVCON: Poverty in the face of conflict – CORDIS
  • INTERMODAL BIKE: Multi-modal integration of cycling mobility through product and process innovations in bicycle design – CORDIS / Project Website
  • FISHMETABOLOME: Fishing for markers of effluent exposure using metabolomics CORDIS
  • METIS2020: Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty (2020) Information Society – CORDIS / Project Website

Why not take a look at projects on CORDIS so that you can focus your academic network development on the key players in your field? Can you take a project forward to the next level?

CORDIS is not just a record of existing projects, though. You can also search for partners, advertise your area of expertise to others or find partners in a particular location. There is also a News and Events section for you to explore.

You can find out more about CORDIS via YouTube videos:






2 EU Partner searches

CETMA is seeking partners to get involved in a project regarding training platform for civil security intelligence analysis community. The aim is to train law enforcement agents on virtual civil scenarios, using training paths based on virtual learning that is related to user’s skills (advanced, medium, beginner) which will improve both agents deduction and induction ability.

ENEA,Italian agency for energy, environment and sustainable economic development, is seeking partners to join two projects, topic NMP.2013.1.3-1 ‘Safety in nanoscale production and products’ and topic SST.2013.1-2 ‘Towards the zero emission ship’.

ENEA develops research activities aiming to provide support for public policies and decision making processes, and it contributes to the development of innovative technologies stemming from research performed in public/private partnership. ENEA has a long experience in European projects, both as co-ordinator and as partner.

FI- WARE are looking for additional partners

FI-WARE, the core platform of the future internet, invites proposals through the Directorate-General for Information Society and Media for its open call for additional partners. FI-WARE has reserved a portion of its budget to fund specific tasks carried out by a new beneficiary or beneficiaries, who will join the consortium after starting the project. Topics for this call are:

•advanced web-based user interface generic enablers, for which funding is worth up to €2.75 million;

•steam-oriented GEs, for which funding is worth up to €2.25m;

•cloud proxy extended development and management platform GE, for which funding is worth up to €1m.

The deadline is 07.11.12; to find out more info check out the FI-WARE webpage.

Turkish SME seeks Partners for Project on LED Lighting System

Ale Technologies, a Turkish SME, is seeking partners for a research project for the design and development of a smart, integrated, and high-tech LED lighting system. The project seeks to create a concept for indoor lighting applications to create a safer, cleaner and a more energy-efficient environment. If this sounds up your street, don’t be shy and get in touch with the PI; details on the hyperlink above.

New EC website with listings of current projects

The EC has set up a new page on its Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) website with an overview of projects funded under the Framework Programme. 

The new webpage shows which projects have been funded both under FP7 and previous Framework programmes and will provide a broader range of material to a wider audience. The new depository will include:

  • project details such as description, funding, programme;
  • project results such as documents, reports, summaries;
  • links;
  • publications;
  • multimedia; and
  • information and details on project participants.

This will be a key resource for you to find future collaborators – take a look at who has been funded before and get in contact with them 🙂

FP7 Security Theme Call Partner Sought

A project based at Cardiff University is seeking partners for the FP7 Security Call SEC-2012.4.4-2 ‘Means of decontamination of large groups, urban/wide areas and large, complex and/or sensitive object’.

In particular they are seeking partners who can take the lead in determining the feasibility of establishing a Europe wide bio-decontamination capability which would be based in part of the technology solutions developed during this study and would offer the potential to respond to a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear event. A key part of this package would be the ability to access input from first responders such as fire fighters and civil disaster planners. Any solution proposed should be cheaper than the current military options.

Please contact Professor Les Baillie at the Welsh School of Pharmacy, University of Cardiff, for further information:

Looking for EU partners? Try this improved Partner Search!

The ECs website CORDIS has launched a ‘more user-friendly and intuitive’ Partners service.

The new service provides interactive web technologies, tools and solutions to help you find project partners, offer your expertise, create groups, expand networks… and a wide variety of other possibilities to make the most of opportunities in innovation, research and development.

As further improvements can still be made, you have the chance to give feedback on its functionality through this survey which takes less than 5 mins to answer.

If you haven’t yet explored the partner search functionality – now’s the perfect time to do so!

Partner sought for Green Materials FP7 Project

The School of Applied Sciences at Cranfield University in the UK is looking for partners to develop innovative advanced lightweight materials for the next generation of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. This would include materials using thermoplastics, polymer nanocomposites and fibre-reinforced polymers, composites, and deploy them into the body parts, chassis and heavier interior systems. The project would also look at reducing the structural weight of materials, exploiting new material characteristics, developing related production processes, and carrying out life-cycle and cost-model analyses.You can read more details on the project here.

The CORDIS Partners Service helps you to find research collaborators in order to benefit from EU or other funding. You can also search by profile type, programme and/or country to find project partners.

Partner Search from University of Lincoln for the project ‘ Precarity in Europe’

The University of Lincoln is seeking partners to participate in a project regarding precarity in Europe. The project they are proposing builds on research that they are already conducting on multiple exclusion homelessness in England, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. They have traced the life histories of 104 homeless people in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, and are now wanting to extend and develop this approach across at least seven European countries.

Precarity together with the relationships people have within the family are key themes in practically all of the life histories that they have explored but, apart from this common factor, they have found an extraordinary diversity of stories and experiences. The University of Lincoln would like to find out if this diversity continues to increase as they move beyond the UK to consider the experience of those living precariously in other countries, and to see if, in spite of this, common themes can be identified that cut across national boundaries.
As part of their work they have begun to explore the transitions people make within the family and the meaning these have for people. They would also like to explore whether and how different kinds of families across various national boundaries cope with changes within the family.

If you’re interested, contact Peter Somerville – 01522 886267/ psomerville@lincoln.ac.uk

How to find partners for EU Projects

European Commission projects usually require partners, with the number and geographical location varying for each call. A useful tip to remember when considering your partner options is that a consortium should include a good balance of sectors industry, academia, user groups etc) and that all partners should be well-matched to the activities in the proposal.

You can find partners through your existing contacts, by reviewing previously awarded FP6 and FP7 projects, by searching/ advertising on the UKRO website ,

by seeking the assistance of the relevant UK National Contact Point and by attending EU conferences and project evaluations, by scanning the CORDIS website.

The best and most effective way to become involved in FP7 consortia however, is to join European Technology Platforms (ETPs). These are groups of industry-led stakeholder forums who explore Europe’s key challenges. ETPs define the EU Strategic research agenda and then bid for European Commission funds (through FP7 etc) to address these. The biggest players in the field across Europe belong to these groups and obviously as they set the research agenda, they are increduibly successful at winning FP7 funds for research. Joining these groups will not only open you to a plethora of partners but also will allow you to contribute in shaping the research agenda of Europe (which you can then address through funding). Some of the major ETPs are listed below with hyperlinks to their webpages:
Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies
Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe
Embedded Computing Systems
European Biofuels Technology Platform
European Construction Technology Platform
European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council
European Rail Research Advisory Council
European Road Transport Research Advisory Council
European Space Technology Platform
European Steel Technology Platform
European Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the Future
European Technology Platform for Wind Energy
European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration  
European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources
Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform
Food for Life
Forest based sector Technology Platform
Future Manufacturing Technologies
Future Textiles and Clothing
Global Animal Health
Industrial Safety ETP
Integral Satcom Initiative
Mobile and Wireless Communications
Nanotechnologies for Medical Applications
Networked and Electronic Media
Networked European Software and Services Initiative
Plants for the Future
Sustainable Nuclear Technology Platform
Sustainable Chemistry
Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform
Waterborne ETP
Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Partner Search: Crowberry Consulting

Crowberry Consulting is a female run company based in the North West of England with over 11 years industry experience of delivering sustainability projects. We have previously bid for IEE projects, and have extensive contacts in UK based universities and Turkish Research Institutes. Our academic qualifications include: MBA Environmental Management, MSC Environmental Impact Assessment, BSC Ecology, MA Environmental Consulting, and BSC Biology.

Crowberry Energy is a not for profit social enterprise working with SMEs and large listed companies, to implement carbon management and carbon foot-printing, sustainable development policies, and specific standards such as ISO14001, BS EN 16001, BS8901, and the Carbon Action Standard for UK CRC compliance. We also provide specialist training in the areas of:

  • Carbon Foot printing and Carbon Management
  • How Green is Your Office
  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

For more details about this SME, please click here.

FP7 Partner Searches

Partner search: Sport & Health – The Centre for Sport Health and Exercise Research, Staffordshire University, is seeking partners to join a research project in the fields of sports and health.

For Emotion Regulation; Emotion and Cognitive Performance; and Emotion and Motor Performance. Email marc.jones@staffs.ac.uk.

For Physical activity/health and the environment; Green space and physical activity/health; Community health/physical activity promotion; and Primary care-based health/physical activity promotion. Email c.gidlow@staffs.ac.uk

Partner Search: Turkish SME & Wearable Cardiac Diagnosis Tool – The European Care Network is seeking partners to join a research project regarding a wearable cardiac diagnosis tool (in a vest) with clinical decision support system. For further information contact n.yilmaz@euro-care.net