Popcorn, ice-cream and a film

Dear all,

 We would like to invite you to a joint meeting of the Phenomenology Interest Group and the Leisure and Recreation theme for popcorn, ice-cream and a film.

 Date: Wed 31st October, Time: 2.00pm, Place: PG10

Subject: What it means to live in the world as exemplified by Tao Rospoli’s film Being in the World.  Some challenging ideas presented in a different way.  The film is 77 minutes.  Then there will then be an opportunity for discussion.

Refreshments: Popcorn/ice-cream will be supplied. Please contact Sean Beer (sbeer@bournemouth.ac.uk ) to book a place.

 What is the film about:   We quickly move beyond the Greeks and then beyond Descartes’ mentalist notion (‘I think therefore I am’) of reality to Martin Heidegger’s conception: reality and meaning exist where minds interact with the world. We see humans at work and at play: juggling, doing high-precision Japanese carpentry, flamenco, and cooking gumbo. While we watch them work and struggle to introspect and talk about their art and their craft, we also hear Hubert Dreyfus and his students reflect on Heidegger and his philosophy. Our artisans confess that they cannot explain in rational terms how they do what they do. The being is in the doing. Interviews and action intertwine to make a challenging philosophy clear to the lay viewer.