Congratulations and Good Luck

March had a good deal of activity around bids being submitted and awarded, with Schools winning consultancy contracts, research grants and organising Short Courses.

For Applied Sciences congratulations are due to Rob Britton for a successful month of March with several awards obtained which include the Environment Agency, Barbel Society and the University of Toulouse; to Ross Hill for his consultancy contract with Joint Nature Conservation Committee; to Roger Herbert and Richard Stillman for their consultancy contract with Natural England to assess Birds of Prey in Chichester Harbour; to Pippa Gillingham for her short course on GIS for Environment Managers.  Good luck to Pippa with her application to the Royal Entomological society; to Emilie Hardouin and Demetra Andreou for their individual applications to the British Ecological Society; to Anita Diaz for her application to the Soil Association; to David Parham for his application to English Heritage; and to Adrian Newton for his application to DEFRA.

Congratulations to the Business School for Donald Nordberg’s award from the British Academy to research ‘News Media as corporate governance watchdogs’.  Good luck to Huiping Xian and Sachiko Takeda for their application to the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (DAJF) and to Hiroko Oe who has also applied to DAJF.

For DEC good luck with the consultancy contract submitted by Marcin Budka and Bogdan Gabrys to Western Union Financial Services; to Simon Thompson for his application to the Multiple Sclerosis Society to investigate post-traumatic growth in people with multiple sclerosis; and for the TOSCANA application submitted by Mark Hadfield to the European Commission.

For Health and Social Care congratulations are due to Luisa Cescutti-Butler for her award from the EU Lifelong Learning Programme; to Keith Brown for his consultancy contract from Hampshire County Council; to Anthea Innes, Michele Board, Vanessa Heaslip and Sue Barker for their consultancy training for Gracewell Healthcare; also to Anthea for her short course with RBCH; to Michele Board for her short course with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust; to Susan Clarke for her short course with Solent NHS Trust; and to Clive Andrewes for several short courses with Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, Southern Health, North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust together with Bernie Edwards, Wessex Deanery and NHS Bournemouth and Poole.  Good luck to Elizabeth Rosser and Andrew Harding for their application to the General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust; and to Ann Hemingway, Sarah Hean and Lee-Ann Fenge-Davies for their application to the European Commission.

Congratulations to the Media School for Kris Erickson’s award from the ESRC; Jian Chang for his award from the Royal Society to research ‘Mobile Physically based Computation for Computer Animation’; to Tom Watson, Anastasios Theofilou and Georginana Grigore for their award from The Arthur W Page Centre; to Liam Toms, Graham Goode and Melanie Gray for their consultancy contract with Dorset County Council; and to Stephanie Farmer for her consultancy contract to develop a web site for Richard Cole.  Good luck to Bronwen Thomas and Julia Round for their application to AHRC; to Julian McDougall, Mark Readman and Marketa Zezulkova for their application to EPSRC; and to Iain MacRury and Richard Berger for their application to EPSRC; to Jian Jun Zhang for his application to the EPSRC for continued funding for the Doctoral Training Centre; to Laura Hampshaw with her short course with the RBCH; and to Dan Jackson, Einar Thorsen and Christos Gatzidis for their application to HEA.

Finally, for the School of Tourism congratulations go to Lisa Stuchberry for her contracts with NHS Dorset, Dorset County Hospital and Bangor University; to Stephen Calver for his contract with Bournemouth Borough Council; to Sarah Hambidge for her award from the Bournemouth Borough Council for the Bournemouth Arts Festival; and to Jon Hibbert for his award from Resort Development Organisation.  Good luck to Nicky Pretty for her application to the National Trust.

Best wishes