Congratulations and Good Luck

March saw an increase in the level of activity for bids being submitted and awards being won with congratulations due to Schools/Faculty for winning research and consultancy contracts.

For the Business School, congratulations to Dean Patton for his short course with the Guernsey Training Agency, and to Huiping Xian, grants academy member Fabian Homberg and Davide Secchi for their short course with Hubei Star Around Universe Culture Exchange Company.  Good luck to Ke Rong with his ESRC application, and to Milena Bobeva and Richard Berger (Media School) for their contract to the Higher Education Academy.

For HSC, congratulations are due to Caroline Ellis for her short course on appreciative inquiry masterclass, to Peter Thomas for his consultancy with Poole Hospital NHS Trust, and to Bernie Edwards for two short courses both with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.  Good luck to Ann Hemingway for her application to Alcohol Research UK to carry out a case study on alcohol harm and licensing density, to Clive Andrewes and Sarah Gallimore for their short course with Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, to Anthea Innes and Damien Fay (SciTech) for their application to the EPSRC, and to Keith Brown for his contract to Hampshire County Council.

For MS, congratulations to Iain MacRury for his consultancy with Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership.  Good luck to Lihua You for his application to the British Academy, to Julian McDougall for his application to UK Literacy Association, to grants academy member Anna Feigenbaum for her contract to NESTA and her application to Antipode Foundation, to grants academy members Jenny Alexander, Caroline Hodges, Dan Jackson and Richard Scullion for their application to AHRC, to Chindu Sreedharan, Ana Adi and Richard Berger for their application to the ESRC on initiating and supporting collaborative learning through community writing for children and teachers in Indian and Nepalese schools.

For the Faculty of Science and Technology, congratulations are due to Paola Palma for three short courses, to Gary Underwood for his consultancy with North Sea Systems, to Siamak Noroozi and Philip Sewell for their short course with EADS, and to Jonathan Monteith for his consultancy with Terence O’Rourke Plc.  Good luck to Feng Tian for his application to the Royal Society, to Lai Xu and Paul de Vrieze for their application to the Royal Society, to grants academy member Emilie Hardouin for her contract to the EC Erasmus Mundus, to Sine McDougall and Kevin Thomas for their application to the British Medical Association to research the impact of patient complications and errors on surgeons, to Hongnian Yu (leading on two) and Shuang Cang (Tourism – leading on one) for their three applications to the EC Erasmus Mundus, to Rob Britton for his application to Interreg, and to Nan Jiang for his consultancy to Grads for Growth.

For ST, congratulations to Jonathan Hibbert for his two consultancies with Bournemouth Borough Council and NHS Dorset, and to Keith Hayman for his consultancy with Corinthian Hotels.  Good luck to Miguel Moital for his EC Erasmus Mundus application.