MASTERCLASS: Interviewing in semi structured interviews

Doing face-to-face interviews is probably the most used method qualitative research. There exists a range of different interview styles or approaches to explore people’s views, experiences, feelings and/or opinions on a specific topic.  Qualitative interviews allow interviewees to expand their answers, deliberate about their experiences and highlight their feelings. Such interviews also allow the interviewer to probe, to ask for clarification and/or more detail from the interviewee.

Some interviews aim to gather descriptive data, through structured or semi-structured interviews, whilst unstructured or life-history interviews attempt to probe deeper into the interviewee’s life.  This one-day Master Class will focus on issues around conducting semi-structured interviews. The following issues will be included: ‘devising an interview schedule’, ‘good, bad & leading questions’, ‘working with translators’, ‘audio-recording of interviews’,  and ‘research ethics surrounding qualitative interviews’.

Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen, in the School of Health & Social Care has conducted face-to-face interviews on a range of different health topics.  Moreover, he has published several research methods papers on interviews and qualitative research more widely.

This one day Masterclass will be held at Bournemouth University on Tuesday 18th June 2013:

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  1. Tom

    Interesting post – where is the link to the course date and location so that i can register and attend? thanks