Do you have an interest in Digital Technology and its use in Business?

The joint meeting between the Creative & Digital Economies Research Theme and the Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth Research Theme took place last week.  The small but focused group discussed strategies of moving forwards with the themes and ideas on how to bring people together.

The group decided that it need a central focus, and will use the recently signed Digital Manifesto as a way to bring people together for future meetings.  To read more about the Digital Manifesto please read Samantha Leahy-Harland’s post here (link).

For the next joint meeting brief presentations will be given to initiate a focussed action list.  So if you feel your area of research can benefit from speaking to other colleagues in areas such as social media and digital technology, and how businesses are using these emerging technologies come prepared to talk about possible collaboration projects and bids and your specific area of research.

Another link area is small local businesses, such as rural business or family run business.  Again if you feel you could benefit from shared knowledge and experience join us at our next meeting.  

It is hoped these actions can then be taken forward towards joint bids in areas such as Horizon 2020 (link), and to bring together like minded colleagues to share knowledge and experience.

If you would like to read a copy of the Digital Manifesto or want to discuss this further please get in touch via Nikki Gloyns

The date of the next meeting is TBC likely to be in September.