Burdett Trust for Nursing Grant

‘Delivering Excellence in Nutrition and Dignity in Dementia Care – Empowering Nurses and Care Home Staff to Enhance the Care Environment’.

Dr Jane Murphy and Joanne Holmes from the School of Health & Social Care, working in collaboration with representatives from local council (Partners in Care), the Local Enterprise Partnership, local and national care home organisations have won significant grant income from the Burdett Trust for Nursing to tackle the increasing and yet unresolved problems of nutrition and delivering dignity in dementia. Over a two year period, the project will identify best practice guidelines for delivering nutrition in dementia care by providing a new nutrition education programme based on fundamental principles of self-leadership and nutrition to empower nurses and care home staff. The programme will be easily translated and adopted widely to induce a long-lasting culture change towards excellence in dementia care that is person-centred and upholds dignity.


For further details, contact either Jane (jmurphy@bournemouth.ac.uk) or Joanne (holmesj@bournemouth.ac.uk).