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Over eight in ten (84%) people aged 65 and over agree that ‘marriage is still the best kind of relationship’, compared with fewer than four in ten (38%) people aged 18-34.

from : British Social Attitudes 26th Report

The Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Research theme had an excellent meeting with representatives from the Health Survey for England team at NatCen. This is Britain’s leading centre for independent social research, a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to making an impact on society and advancing the role of social research in the UK.

Their research covers all areas of social policy, and findings have direct, practical application in terms of understanding social behaviour and informing policy. They bring to life what is really going on in Britain today.

The work is carried out by experienced researchers using innovative, high quality research methods, earning them an international reputation for delivering robust and rigorous research.

They work around the full range of social policy areas such as

Health & Lifestyle

Social & Political Attitudes

Children, Schools & Families

Crime & Justice

Employment, Skills & Education

Income & Welfare

Social Inclusion

Transport & Environment

There is a wealth of data available in the form of raw statistics and reports and including a ‘blood bank’.

Please click on the link below to find out more or please contact Rachel Craig

Senior Research Director, Health Survey for England

Direct line: 020 7549 7012

NatCen Social Research  Rachel Craig