One Response to “Thinking differently about the past to try to see a brighter future: The role of counterfactual thinking in depression.”

  1. Eric Charlton

    Dr Thomas
    This looks exciting and timely. I say this because I am aPhD student , who is also a lecturer in Occupational Therapy at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, whose PhD is about the potential use of CF thinking in narratives of Pain in an Occupational Therapy context.
    My aim is to try to apply CF thinking for people with chronic pain inducing conditions in terms of their life course narrative in order to identify “turning points” where they percieve the pain was responsible for not achieving life goals. From this , it is proposed that a CF potency calculation can be made so as to then form a basis for prioritisation of treatment goals in a more individulaised/ personalised way.
    I would be interested in seeing how your research in your clinical population develops;- Good Luck
    Eric Charlton