Cyber Security Seminar: Incident Management (David Parker, Bournemouth University Cyber Security Unit)

I am delighted to announce that our next Interdisciplinary Cyber Security Seminar will take place on Tuesday, 29th October at 5pm. The seminar will take place in EB202 in the Executive Business Centre, and will be open to all. Our seminars are approachable, and require nothing more than a general interest in security, and an enquiring mind.

Our speaker will be David Parker from the Bournemouth University Cyber Security Unit. David is an experienced Information Security specialist with 21 years in government level security. For 17 years, he was the head of a UK Government CERT and has a global reputation for his knowledge and expertise amongst the CERT incident management community.

Abstract: The term CERT or Computer Emergency Response Team, in relation to cyber security, is increasingly mentioned in the media by those who have little understanding of what the term means or its functions. It is even seen by some as a panacea to many cyber security problems. The purpose of the presentation is to provide attendees with a basic understanding of what a CERT is, some of the associated operational issues and why more CERTs are increasingly needed in a global interconnected society.