Want to learn how to cost your research proposal and navigate BU’s internal processes?

Are you thinking about submitting a proposal for research funding for the first time? Perhaps it has been some time since you last put a proposal together and the mysterious research office has vanished from Dorset House?  Or are you utterly baffled and bewildered by the myriad processes that BU insists you follows?

Then come along to this week’s BRAD session on Research Application Processes at BU to help it all become clear (or at least a little less muddy).

  • Facilitated by: Jennifer Roddis and Paul Lynch, Research and Knowledge Exchange Office
  • 12-Feb-2014, 9am, PG144

This session could save you considerable time and reduce the frustrations involved in the complex process of bidding for research funding.

If you wish to attend, please email staffdevelopment@bournemouth.ac.uk to reserve your place.