Congratulations and Good Luck

February saw a relatively quiet level of activity for bids being submitted and awards being won with congratulations due to Schools for winning research and consultancy contracts.

For the Business School, congratulations to Andy Mullineux for his consultancy with Cooperatives UK Ltd.  Good luck to Maurizio Borghi and Ruth Towse with their AHRC application, to grants academy members Lukman Aroean and Julie Robson and to Gelareh Roushan with their British Academy application, to Hossein Hassani and Mansi Ghodsi with their SIGMA application, and to Juliet Memery and Dawn Birch for their contract to the Crown Estate.Professor Keith Brown

For HSC, congratulations are due to Keith Brown for his contract with Plymouth City Council and his consultancy with Mouchel Management Consulting Ltd.  Good luck to grants academy member Sarah Hean with her contract to Association for Medical Education in Europe.

For MS, congratulations to Richard Scullion for his consultancy with WISH (Women in Social Housing), to Darren Lilleker for his consultancy with Borough of Poole, to Peter Truckel for his two short courses, and to Paula Callus for her VFX Academic conference.  Good luck to Julian McDougall for his application to AHRC, and to Ana Adi and grants academy member Anna Feigenbaum for their application to the British Academy to research the digital memory of ephemera.

For the Faculty of Science and Technology, congratulations are due to Tania Humphries-Smith, Nigel Garland, Mark Hadfield, Clive Hunt and Philip Sewell for their EPDE conference with the Institute of Engineering Design, to Adrian Pinder for his consultancy with Natural England, and to Jonny Monteith for his consultancy with Anesco.  Good luck to Mark Hadfield and Zulfiqar Khan for their contract to Wessex Institute, and to Timothy Darvill for his application to AHRC to research Stonehenge and Avebury rock source exploitation during the neolithic.

For ST, congratulations to Ehren Milner for his consultancy with Bournemouth Borough Council, and to Richard Gordon for his two consultancies with the British High Commission and the Royal Office of Oman.  Good luck to Jonathan Hibbert for his consultancy to Resort Development Organisation.