Congratulations and Good Luck

As would be expected for a short working month, December saw a relatively quiet level of activity for bids being submitted and awards being won with congratulations due to Schools for winning research and consultancy contracts.

For ApSci, congratulations are due to Adrian Pinder for his consultancy with Borough of Poole, to Jonny Monteith for his consultancy with Colten Developments Ltd, and to Paola Palma for her contract with English Heritage.  Good luck to Richard Stillman for his consultancy to Footprint Ecology, and to Roger Herbert for his consultancy to Marine Ecological Surveys Ltd.

For the Business School, congratulations are due to Gelareh Roushan for her contract with the Higher Education Academy exploring the value of social media for education and research in business and management studies.

For DEC, good luck to Venky Dubey for his application to the British Council to research integrative intelligent vibro-electro-tactile device for balance correction and therapy, to Samuel Nyman, Anthea Innes (HSC), Peter Thomas (HSC) and Joanne Mayoh (ST) for their application to the National Institute for Health Research, to Grants Academy member David Newell for his two short courses, and to Jacqui Taylor for her consultancy with the Higher Education Academy.

For HSC, congratulations are due to Clive Andrewes for his consultancy with Wessex Academic Health Science Network.  Good luck to Lee-Ann Fenge for her application to the Big Lottery Fund, to Grants Academy member Timothy Etheridge for his contract to UK Space Agency, to Ann Hemingway for her application to Alcohol Research UK, and to Grants Academy member Jane Murphy for her consultancy to Wessex Academic Health Science Network.

For MS, good luck to Julian McDougall for his consultancy to University of Wolverhampton, and to Grants Academy member Richard Scullion for his consultancy with WISH (Women in Social Housing).

For ST, congratulations to Yeganeh Morakabati for securing the final year of the Crown Estate Project to study the perceptions of stakeholders with respect to the Boscombe Artificial Surf Reef.  Good luck to Heather Hartwell, Jeff Bray and Sherry Jeary (DEC) for their application to Global Innovation Initiative to research empowering consumer decision making in out of home eating.