The 2014 International Conference on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems

The 2014 International Conference on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems will take place next week, 08-09 September at the Executive Business Centre, Floor 3.

The ICAIS conference is the first conference focusing entirely on issues related to system adaptation and learning. ICAIS strives to deepen understanding of various concepts from the area of machine learning, data mining and system engineering (e.g. data streaming, self-evolving systems, self-adaptive systems, etc.).

The conference is financially supported by the Fusion Investment Fund and technically sponsored by world pioneering and leading scientific societies such as the International Neural Network Society (INNS) and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, as well as the UK Computational Intelligence Chapter.

The 2014 edition will bring together international researchers from different horizons to discuss the latest advances in system learning and adaptation. The programme will feature contributed papers as well as 3 world-renowned guest speakers and an invited plenary talk in interactive breakout sessions. The proceedings have been published by Springer in Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Series.

We look forward to an enticing, informing and inspiring event.

Hamid Bouchachia, Conference Chair