Seed corn funding HSC-Student staff research collaboration

Seed corn funding enabled academics from the physiotherapy programme to collaborate with undergraduates and new graduands  to conduct a research project. The aim of this project was to engage students in the research process from data collection to data analysis and dissemination and to gain feedback about this unique learning experience.

This small grant has enabled us to:

  • Actively engage BSc students in primary research (not otherwise covered in the course curriculum)
  • Bring together students from different disciplines and universities
  • Facilitate peer learning and teaching
  • Deliver a presentation on research methods to students from Bournemouth University International College
  • Produce two manuscripts for publication

Student feedback has highlighted that this project additionally served to: increase undergraduate student’s abilities in statistical analysis, increase their understanding of study design and methodology and improve their academic writing skills.

This project has encouraged staff-student collaborative learning and interprofessional understanding within HSC.

Project supervisors were: Dr Jon Williams and Dr Carol Clark