Seed corn funding to PhD studentship – Pain, perception and partner institutions

Seed Corn funding from HSC was used to initiate a project exploring differences in perception and body image in those with chronic low back pain. Following a successful pilot study the project team have great pleasure in welcoming Sara Glithro as the PhD student to this project.

This small grant enabled us to:

  • Investigate new concepts and develop in-depth knowledge in relation to body image and perception
  • Carry out a pilot study employing a new technique
  • Establish contact with researchers at the University of South Australia and Imperial College London.
  • Offer two undergraduate research dissertation projects
  • Establish interprofessional collaborative working between CC, NO, SD, AK, DN and JB.
  • Enable closer collaboration between BU and one of its partner organisations AECC.
  • Collaboratively write and have one article accepted
  • Collaboratively write an abstract which has been accepted at the 15th World Congress on Pain – Buenos Aires Oct 2014
  • Submit and receive a joint funded PhD studentship (BU and AECC)

The project was conducted by Dr. Carol Clark,  Dr. Neil Osborne (AECC) Dr. Sharon Docherty (AECC & BU) in the AECC Experimental Research Facility. Professors Ahmed Khattab (BU) and Jeff Bagust (AECC & BU) and Dr Dave Newell (AECC) are also involved.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact: Carol Clark (HSC) email:, Neil Osborne (AECC) or Sharon Docherty (HSC)