Post Graduate Researchers at BU, your say!

From today, all members of the post-graduate research community are invited to complete the BU Post Graduate Researchers Experience Survey (2014-15) or the Arrivals Survey, for recent starters. This is a vitally important opportunity for you all to share your thoughts, views and opinions about working at BU. Your responses will help us to discover what is working well and what you think could be improved.

 Post-graduates in every school and faculty play an important role in helping to improve the research profile of BU, whilst bringing many unique talents and abilities to the research environment. As such, it’s important that you feel valued and able to do your best at the University.

 The most recent PGR survey took place in 2013, being performed every two years, on the national scale. This allowed PGRs to share their views and engage on a wide range of important topics such as specialist resources, research skills, professional developments and support for teaching.  This new, annual survey has been developed by BU with our own PGR’s in mind, having been specifically tailored to your requirements, based on your feedback.

 The 2014 PGR survey will be distributed by email this week, so please take 15 minutes of your time to answer the questions and consider it as part of your normal working day. Once the results of the survey are collated towards the end of the year, we will build on this feedback, to find out how we are progressing and to help identify those areas where there is still work to be done.

 It’s also important to say that the survey is totally anonymous.

 I urge you to take the time to fill in the survey and have your say about issues that directly affect you. Your responses are essential to help us improve and grow as a workplace and as a University.

Remember the deadline for completion of the survey is the 27th of October 2014.

The SUBU Research and Information Team.