RKEO – Thank you

Image of Dr Heather HartwellI would like to publically thank, acknowledge and show my gratitude for the help and support from all those on the 4th floor of Melbury House.

We are extremely fortunate at Bournemouth in that we have a team who not only are extremely efficient at what they do but are always willing to help and as a bonus always with a good sense of humour.  Without this assistance and encouragement a wide range of activities from grant bidding, to public engagement, to publishing open access would be far more challenging.

So a big thank you to all, you are much appreciated.

4 Responses to “RKEO – Thank you”

  1. Sine McDougall

    I just wanted to add my voice to the thank you – we are fortunate to have such good support.

  2. Lois Farquharson

    A big thank you too from The Business School for the RKEO team’s patience, responsiveness, helpful attitudes and behaviours. And above all in providing excellent professional service to various types of staff.