PhD Studentship Competition – An Update

The PhD Studentship Competition Policy has now been updated to include a new section on due diligence and the necessary checks that Schools/Faculty should take if any supervisory team are intending to apply for Matched Funding.

The Lead Supervisor must now complete a Matched Funder Due Diligence Form, to show at least in broad terms where the money being given comes from and assure that the organisation is appropriate for the University to be involved or associated with.

The core elements of due diligence involve taking reasonable steps to:

  • Identify the organisation, where are they based, who its directors are;
  • Verify the organisation, checking company registration details;
  • Know what the organisation’s primary business is;
  • Consider how the relationship with the University has come about; and
  • Comply with the University’s Anti-Bribery, Conflict of Interest, Fraud policies and the Code of Ethical Fundraising.

Where proposed matched funders are based internationally, due diligence checks must take into account any relevant circumstances arising in the particular country or region of the funder’s operations. Risks could arise from for example, internal conflicts, military action, and known terrorist or criminal activity in the area.

Final approval of the project will be subject to satisfactory due diligence checks on the proposed matched funder.

Both the Policy (see section The Matched Funder) and Proposal Form have been updated to reflect these changes and copies can also be found on the Graduate School Intranet.

Proposals, together with a copy of the Due Diligence Form and Letter of Support (from matched funder) should be submitted via email to by Monday 19 January 2015

  • General questions about the PhD Studentship Competition should be directed to the Graduate School Team
  • Questions regarding the due diligence process should be directed to Legal Services