British Academy Funding Opportunity: BARSEAs 2015




The British Academy has launched an exciting new funding opportunity for early career researchers working in Humanities and Social Sciences

The British Academy Rising Star Engagement Awards (BARSEAs) provide a means for early career researchers to develop their skills and further career progression through organising events, training and mentoring activities for other early career researchers. Please note though that this is not a funding opportunity to undertake research. 

Applications are invited from early career scholars within 10 years of the award of their doctorate, and ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom. In order to be eligible for this programme, candidates must also be able to demonstrate their academic credentials to be leaders in research through suitable marks of esteem awarded prior to the submission of the application.

 Level of award: up to £15,000.

 BU Internal deadline for submission to RKEO: 14 January 2015

 Deadline for submission of applications: 21 January 2015 at 5pm 

 Deadline for Institutional Approval of applications: 22 January 2015 at 5pm .  Results are expected late February 2015

Awards available for starting date: not earlier than 1 March 2015 and not later than 31 March 2015

For more information on what activities are intended to be supported through this scheme, detailed guidance on what can and cannot be applied for and clarification on eligibility, please see the scheme notes which can be found via e-GAP.

Enquiries related to this scheme can be made to but please note that interested parties should register interest through the RKEO Funding Development Team who can provide further details in the first instance.