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Funding Development Team

RKEO Funding Development Team

The team is led by Jo Garrad and is based in M402 in Melbury House.  A quick contact list is provided here but more details on individuals is provided below:

Research Facilitators to help you develop your research ideas: Lisa Gale-Andrews for Health and Social Sciences and for SciTech; Alexandra Pekalski for Media and Communication and for Management; Emily Cieciura for all EU and international funding and Ehren Milner for Industrial Collaboration.

Funding Development Officers to assist you through the application process: Pengpeng Hatch for Health and Social Sciences; Kerri Jones and Alice Brown for SciTech; Sara Mundy for Management, and Eva Papadopoulou for Media and Communication.

Funding Development Coordinator to administer the development initiatives: Dianne Goodman.

Jo Garrad

Jo Garrad

Funding Development Manager

(01202) 961209

I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of the management of pre-award support for external research and knowledge exchange funding applications across the University. My challenge is to increase the quality and quantity of proposals to support the achievement of the University’s research and knowledge exchange KPIs, and to design and implement best practice.

I have extensive knowledge of the external funding process from both sides having previously worked at the UK research councils for over 20 years.

Outside of work I have a keen interest in birds (I’m never far away from a pair of binoculars), football (Swindon Town and Bashley in particular (sadly, my knees no longer allow me to play), walking, music (I have a ‘record room’ with over 6,000, mainly punk, records), and holidaying in the UK (taking in bird reserves of course). 

Alexandra Pekalski

Alexandra Pekalski

Research Facilitator (Faculty of Media & Communication and Faculty of Management).

(01202) 968249

I am Alexandra Pękalski (nee Peirce) and I am the Research Facilitator for the Media school, School of Tourism and The Business School. I am part of the Funding Development Team, which offers support and advice with all pre-award activities, such as horizon scanning, identifying funding opportunities and developing and submitting proposals.Within my previous role as Senior RKE Support officer, I have worked across all Faculties and have knowledge and understanding of a broad range of sponsors including European Commission, AHRC, EPSRC and Leverhulme (to name but a few!). Before the world of Research Administration I held various roles at the University such as, Programme Administrator, Planning & Resources Officer and Project & Finance Manager. I have also worked in the private sector as a Marketing Executive.I am particularly keen to work on developing and supporting multi/interdisciplinary collaborations within the university and externally, developing a new researchers development framework and working closely with early careers researchers.

Lisa Gale-Andrews

Lisa Gale-Andrews

Research Facilitator (HSS & SciTech)


(01202) 968258

As Research Facilitator for the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Technology, I provide support to researchers from the outset to develop their ideas, identify potential funding opportunities, build research teams and advise on bid content and structure.

Before joining RKEO I was Clinical Research Co-ordinator in the Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit, which entailed working closely with researchers in local NHS Trusts to facilitate collaborations with academics across BU. I have a BSc in Psychology from Cardiff University and a background in mental health research having previously worked as a Research Assistant in Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust. Whilst there, I co-ordinated NIHR grant applications and trial recruitment and assessment.

Outside of work I enjoy spinning and running, good food, live music, spending time with friends and family and am a recently converted cat person! 

Emily Cieciura

Emily Cieciura

Research Facilitator (EU & International)

(01202) 968241

I have worked at BU for over sixteen years within a number of departments and during times of major change. I now work in RKEO as a Research Facilitator – EU and International. As a result, I work across all Faculties and enjoy the variety of interactions that come with this role. I am a member of the University’s International and UK Partnerships Committee and am involved in events planning to promote BU’s international agenda.

Throughout my working life, I have been committed to acquiring new knowledge. As well as being a Chartered Librarian, with work experience in HE, FE and the private research sector, I also hold the CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing, BU’s Postgraduate Certificate in HR and the Further Adult Education Teaching Certificate. To enhance my current role at BU, I successfully completed ARMA’s Certificate in Research Management in 2016.

I work Monday to Thursday and I am normally based in Melbury House.

Ehren Milner

Ehren Milner

Research Facilitator (Industrial Collaboration).

(01202) 968267

I am the Research Facilitator for Industrial Collaboration.  I am part of the Funding Development Team, which offers support and advice with all pre-award activities and help to develop and support multi/interdisciplinary collaborations.  I help with horizon scanning, identifying funding opportunities and developing and submitting proposals for a wide range of funding bodies such as the European Commission, AHRC, ESRC, EPSRC etc.  A focal point of my role is to also help contribute to the development of academic staff through the RKE Development Framework.

As part of my previous as Funding Development Officer, I supported EU/International strategy and am keen on seeking international collaborations. I also spent more than 14 years working as a heritage consultant and archaeologist in the academic sector on behalf of QUANGOs.  Much of this work has focused on the analysis of local authority policies and EU legislation and the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to analyse spatial data and provide socio-demographic segmentation. I’ve also given the odd lecture on IT, geochemistry and planning law. Outside of work my interests are running, cycling, home brewing, DIY and BBQing.

Kerri Jones

Kerri Jones

Funding Development Officer (SciTech)

(01202) 961254

I am a Funding development Officer within the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office. I support academic colleagues in the Faculty of Science and Technology with the pre-award process. I was previously part of the Administration Team in the School of Applied Sciences/Faculty of Science and Technology as the Academic Quality Administrator, where I was responsible for supporting colleagues on quality and regulatory matters. Outside of work I enjoy travelling and spending time with friends and family and I am also a huge Formula 1 fan.

Alice Brown

Alice Brown

Funding Development Officer (SciTech)

(01202) 968247

I am a Funding Development Officer supporting the endeavours of the Faculty of Science & Technology to succeed in being awarded research funding. I am here to provide assistance in the pre-award process. My work days are Tuesdays to Fridays. I will either be at Melbury House (phone number above) or in the Faculty office in Christchurch House (phone number TBA). Please do not hesitate to leave me emails any time and I will attend to them as soon as possible. I look forward to working with you to achieve the goal of obtaining funding or developing other avenues of resourcing so you can get on with your research project!

As a brief background to myself, just before commencing in this role, I was the Senior Research & Knowledge Exchange Officer at the Arts University Bournemouth as secondment cover. During that time, I managed research degree students and academic research, under which there was funding development work. Before that, I have relocated with my family from Australia, having worked for 7 years in the Western Australian State Government in legal, policy and research roles.

My interests are travelling, hiking, painting and fine dining.

PengPeng Hatch

PengPeng Hatch

Funding Development Officer (HSS)

(01202) 961354

I returned to the Funding Development Officer role in 2016 from a two-year secondment as the Research Outputs Advisor with the Project Delivery team.

Traversing from the post-award stage back to the pre-award stage, it is truly inspiring and refreshing to work with BU academics on various interesting and innovative topics at the research idea conception stage, through to the development and submission stage; and working with the academics as a team to ensure its chance of success is maximised. 

Outside of work, I enjoy the occasional running, eating out, doing crochet and playing on my game consoles.


Eva Papadopoulou

Eva Papadopoulou

Funding Development Officer (Media and Communication)


(01202 968252)

I am a Funding development Officer within the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office. I support academic colleagues in the Faculty of Media and Communication with the pre-award process. I have worked at BU for over twelve years, originally within HSS as part of the PDU team and then as the Research Administrator of the School. I have been a member of RKEO since 2012 with various posts in pre and post award, and have worked across Faculties, Business School, ApSci, EU, and a year secondment as the ethics adviser to name some and now back to the Research Development team. I work across all days of the week, smaller days, most days I finish by 2:30 and usually situated at the Loft Tuesdays and Fridays and the rest at Melbury House.

Outside of work I enjoy reading and watching good films and box sets as well as travelling with my family.


Dianne Goodman

Dianne Goodman

Funding Development Coordinator

(01202) 961300

I am the Funding Development Coordinator within the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office where I look after the RKEO development initiatives and support the Research Facilitators.

I have over 20 years of work experience in the Interior Design Business and the Banking Industry in both the UK and Canada. During this time I set up my own Interior Design Business. I have a BA First Class (Hons) in Interior Design and Furniture which is how I first came to work at Bournemouth University where I taught the 4th Year students within the Interior Design Unit framework.

I enjoy hiking, biking and snowboarding and I relax with yoga classes, walking on the beach near where I live and making my own craft items and soft furnishings. I am very interested in recycling and I often ‘freecycle’ unwanted items. I also enjoy having a good rummage in charity shops and am a bit of a ‘magpie’. I am a big fan of Orla Kiely products and there are few moments in my life when her scribble stem leaf design is not far away from me in some form or other.



Sara Mundy

Sara Mundy

Funding Development Officer (FM)


(01202) 968253

I joined Research and Knowledge Exchange in October 2013 as a Project Administrator, providing support for all awarded R&KE projects in HSS and SciTech. In my time with RKEO I have obtained a vast amount of knowledge about the research environment.

My previous work experience has all been in the Private sector mainly in banking and insurance.

Outside of work I play Netball competitively on a weekly basis, which I have been doing for over 30 years. I have been the BU Varsity Netball Team Patron for the last 3 years. I also enjoy going on foreign holidays with my partner. We have a 4 year old Labradoodle called Ziggy and a 1 year old rescue dog called Romi and we enjoy long walks along the beach with them.


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