Festival of Learning 2015 – What could you do? Limited time but wanting to share?

The Festival of Learning 2015 is a fantastic way to engage public audiences in your research.  Sometimes it’s difficult putting together an event that lasts several hours, so how about an hour lecture on your research? 


To engage your audience, could your event be interactive or spark a short debate?  Could it be linked to ideologies within a film that an audience could relate to?  Or perhaps a topical discussion that has had national coverage?  If you have an event idea, think about the intended audience and what would appeal to them.


A lecture, seminar, interactive laboratory to name a few could all be run within an hour session, why not try it?


The next Festival of Learning will be held during 11th – 17th July 2015.  If you would like to hold an event as part of this Festival, please complete a proposal form.  The deadline for proposals is midday on Friday 19th December.


If you have an idea for a Festival of Learning event that you would like to discuss or for general enquiries, please contact Naomi Kay on 61342.