FoL event A conversation about Climate Change

climateChangePippa Gillingham, John Stewart, Andy Ford, Einar Thorsen and Shelley Thompson led a lively ‘conversation’ about climate change in a well-attended event on Tuesday.  The audience led the discussion and there were many topics covered.

These focused on how some species are effected, how and when the media engage with the subject, and what impact do scientists have in reporting on climate change.  Pippa described how species move out of protected areas and what impact that has. Einar asked how do you connect ordinary people with the research taking place.  Andy explained that humans strive to increase quality of life but there is a disconnect from the consequences of ones actions.  Shelley added that we are exceptional at rationalising our behaviour.  John debated with the audience the role of the academic in remaining impartial and being a describer, an observer and being objective.

Other events that may interest you are ‘Recycling cooking oil’ at 12.30pm and ‘Earthenders: A global soap opera’ at 6pm both on Wednesday.