Dynamics and Thresholds of Ecosystem Services in Wooded Landscapes website


Reaching the end of a research project is always a time of diligence. Though it is important to keep an eye on impact. It was in this light that the recent project spear-headed by Prof Adrian Newton invested resources updating its website ‘Dynamics and Thresholds of Ecosystem Services in Wooded Landscapes’.

The project aims to identify the form of the quantitative relationships between biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services at the landscape scale, as well as establishing whether there are critical levels of biodiversity that are required in wooded landscapes for provision of such services.

The site features an outline of the study area, to methods including long-term modelling techniques. It is envisaged this will aid impact of the project. Any questions regarding the site can be addressed to Research Technician and Postgraduate Researcher Arjan Gosal.