Fusion Investment Fund- Santander and Erasmus funding still available

We are excited to let you know that we still have Santander and Erasmus grants up for grabs open to all staff including Professional Services. The next committee review date is 23rd November 2015.

Santander Funding

The purpose of Santander funding is to support individual staff mobility and networking with other Santander Universities in the development of research, education and/or professional practice projects. There are limited funds available. Please find a link to the list of the institutions that are part of the Santander University network and also the applicable criteria below:

  • Priority will be given to overseas travel rather than travel to another UK institution
  • Ideally awards of £5k will be made but at least priority should be given to applications close to (but not more than) that amount
  • Priority will be given to staff who intend to study or carry out research.
  • Funds should be used before the end of the academic year
  • Travel for student recruitment purposes would not normally be funded

Erasmus staff mobility

Erasmus funding supports staff who would like to train or teach in another European higher education institution. These mobility grants are provided to contribute towards subsistence and travel and the maximum grant available is €1000.


To meet our next committee review date please submit your applications for Santander or Erasmus by 23rd November at 5pm. For all the policy documents, Fund FAQs and information about applying, please visit the FIF website

Please direct all initial enquiries to the Fusion Investment Fund Co-ordinators Sue Townrow and Sarah Olliffe at Fusion Fund.