Semester-based Undergraduate Research Assistantship Projects 2016

Following on from the academic applications of the Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA), the panel have selected the following projects to recruit a student to.

The links all lead to the individual job adverts on MyCareerHub, all BU staff and students have access to this system.  These vacancies are currently in the recruitment stage to recruit a student.

Alessandro Inversini – eTourism 4 Development

Alison McConnell – App Development Research Assistant: Development and evaluation of a mobile device App to lower blood pressure

Amanda Korstjens – Co-creation of scientific publications and conference outputs on primate biogeography and conservation

Andrew Adams – The 2014 Brazil World Cup: evidencing the impacts on human rights and assessing the implications for future mega sport events

Anita Diaz – Producing a website–based research tool for evidencing and enhancing the impact of student-staff co-created research in wildlife

Anna Feigenbaum – Mapping the Media – Research Assistant

Barry Richard – Researcher on ‘Freedom of speech and the emotional public sphere’ project

Caroline Jackson – Creative Events Researcher

Dan Jackson – Tweet for victory! Political use of Twitter in the 2015 UK General Election

Einar Thorsen – Sourcing practices in online news and live blogs: exploring opportunities for a civic turn in journalism

Elvira Bolat – Student adoption, use and relationship with wearable technology and telematics

Erika Borkoles – Research Assistant

Huseyin Dogan – Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Exemplar Short Films

Iain Hewitt – Research Assistant: desk-based assessment, digitisation and publication

Jane Murphy – Measuring the impact of training and education on nutrition and dementia care

Jonny Branney – URA in Innovative Pedagogy

Lois Farquharson – Research Assistant (You’re Brilliant Awards Project)

Luciana Esteves – X Band Radar Applications and Coastal Management

Maggie Hutchings – Student Researcher: Negotiating ubiquitous connectivity for digital inclusion

Milena Bobeva – Student Researcher on Reverse Mentoring as a form of Pervasive Learning

Peter Hills – Development of the face span

Philippa Gillingham – Public perception of urban pollinators research team

Raian Ali – Conceptualizing Voluntary Transparency in Socio-Technical Systems

Roman Gerodimos – Digital Literacy and Global Citizenship

Sebastien Miellet – Individual strategies in face recognition

Shamal Faily – Undergraduate Research Assistant: CAIRIS

Sue Eccles – Globelongers: Understanding and Learning from International Students

Vanessa Heaslip – Understanding Disability amongst HE Students

Viachaslau Filimonau – Research Assistant

Xun He – The social life of cognition: performance in dyads


Please do share any relevant URA positions to your students where applicable.

The next round of URA funding applications is due to open in February 2016 for summer research assistants to work full-time for six weeks over the summer holidays.

Further information on the URA scheme can be found here.  If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Clarke, KE Adviser (KTP) on 01202 961347 or email or