Launch of ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ Events

The EBC hosted the first in a series of ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ events on Wednesday 24th February.

The series kicked off by profiling local entrepreneur, Arabella Lewis-Smith, founder of digital agency, Salad Creative.

Jointly founding Salad in 2001 – aged 26 and with a background in fashion – Bella is living proof that, starting with just passion and a creative spark, anything is possible. The classic entrepreneurial success story, Salad has grown from humble beginnings to the award-winning agency it is today, with a team of 13 and working with the likes of Hall & Woodhouse, Olives et Al, Salomon and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Alongside Salad, Bella was instrumental in the launch in 2007 of another venture, Pasture Naturals – which has since shown significant growth and established itself in the luxury washroom product market.

The event attracted students from across a broad range of interests covering business, marketing and enterprise.

Organised by Mark Painter, Business Development Manager for The Business School, this series of events aim to provide students and staff the opportunity to hear about the personal journey of the profiled entrepreneur, learn about their experiences as a business owner and their approach to founding and growing a successful business.

Mark Painter commented, ‘this was an excellent way to launch this series of events. Our students clearly enjoyed hearing about Bella’s personal journey and Bella gave us all plenty to think about in terms of our own personal goals and ambitions’. Mark added, ‘I was particularly pleased to see students from the BU International College in the audience, and I hope to see them again at our future events’.

The next event in this series will be on Wednesday 2nd March and will profile Peter Czapp, founder of the The Wow Company. For more information and to book a place, students and staff should follow the link to