Communicating your research for impact

Research communication is the process of communicating your research in an accessible way to audiences who can benefit from or put it into practice.  How you communicate very much depends on who your audience is and how they prefer to receive information.  It may be that you need to use a number of different methods of communication in order to reach the right people.

In age when digital technology surrounds us, there are many possible channels to choose from: a newspaper or magazine article, a TV or radio interview, a blog, social media, a website, a film, or more traditional means of communication through a briefing paper based on your research findings or a toolkit to be used by professionals in the relevant sector or press and public relations.  Any combination of these could be appropriate, but your choice will depend on the message you want to convey and who you want to connect with.

BU has a number of ways to help you communicate your research including:

If you’d like to find out more about how to use the media to generate research impact, do sign up for one of two engaging the media events run by the PR team this week on Tuesday and Thursday.

For more information about any of our communication channels, including the research blog, research website, briefings or Bournemouth Research Chronicle, please contact Rachel Bowen in RKEO.

For further information about communicating your research, take a look at RKEO’s new impact toolkit.