Launch Date of the *new* RKE Development Framework- 20th September 2016

dev_frameworkThe new Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE) Development framework will launch on September 20th.

Come join us at our information stands on launch day at the EBC Ground Floor (Lansdowne Campus) or in the Poole House Courtyard (Talbot Campus) between 9am-5pm on September 20th, 2016.

The Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE) Development Framework offers a range of opportunities for academics at all career stages to develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities in relation to research and knowledge exchange.

How to use the framework
• For further information and to book, please go to:
• Review the pathways available
• Discuss the pathways with your line manager as
part of your professional development planning
• Determine which pathways or individual sessions
are relevant to you.