Student Research Assistants – awarded projects

All assessments are now in and the awarded Student Research Assistantships (SRA) are as follows:

Prof Adele Ladkin –  Exploring Work-life Balance in the Hospitality Industry 

Prof Alan Breen –  Spinal image Processing Assistant

Prof Alison McConnell –  Modelling the effect of slow breathing on the human cardiovascular system

Dr Anita Diaz – Enhancing public engagement with co-creating science through our science co-creation website

Dr Ann Luce – Student Research Assistant

Dr Anna Feigenbaum –  Data Journalism, Policing and Human Rights

Dr Ben Thomas –  Hydropower Test Rig Student Research Assistant

Dr Caroline Jackson –  Professionalisation of Events Researcher

Dr David John –  3D developer: Reconstruction of Skorba Prehistoric Temple, Malta

Dr Elena Cantarello –  Engaging staff and students in pro-environmental behaviours in the UK higher education sector

Dr Emma Jenkins –  Research Assistant: Understanding Early Communities in the Near East

Prof Genoveva F. Esteban –  Student Research Assistant

Dr Isabella Rega –  Mobile Technologies and Telecentres in Latin America: Investigating Synergies and Convergence

Dr Ishmael Tingbani & Dr David Botchie –  Student Research Assistant

Dr James Gavin –  Daily Activities as Training Exercises for Orthopaedic Patients

Dr Jamie Matthews/ Dr Nael Jebril –  Societies in Flux

Joyce Costello –  Investigating Pro-Social Behavior of Media Employees

Dr Karina Gerdau-Radonic –  Identifying individual and group identities through mortuary treatment

Prof Kerstin Stutterheim –  Media history research & Assistance for curating a scientific film program + publication

Dr Lee-Ann Fenge –  Collecting stories about health and well-being

Dr Luciana S. Esteves – Coastal Sediment Database

Dr Mel Hughes –  Older male carers research assistant 

Dr Melanie Klinkner –  Between Science and Human Rights: forensic excavation and their value for Truth Commissions

Dr Nigel Williams – Network Analysis of Destination discourse

Dr Peter Hills –  Development of the Facespan

Dr Richard Wallis – Becoming A Media Worker 

Dr Rosie Read –  Creating online resources to showcase BU students’ ethnographic research

Dr Salvatore Scifo – Delivering Community Radio

Dr Samuel Nyman – NHS Quality Improvement

Dr Shamal Faily – CAIRIS

Dr Sue Sudbury – Participatory Filmmaking

Dr Tim Breitbarth –  Sport and Society: Public Perceptions and Social Media Conversations about the Social Value of Sport

Dr Viachaslau Filimonau –  Food donations in the UK grocery retail sector – The role of local charities

Prof Wen Tang –  Data Game – Location-based Story Generation and Guidance


Please promote these vacancies to students where applicable.  All jobs are live on MyCareerHub, our Careers & Employability online careers tool.  You will need to use your staff/student credentials to login.


There will be another round of applications for academics to apply for funding for an SRA in February.  Please do look out for updates on the BU Research Blog.

If you have any questions about this scheme, please contact Rachel Clarke, KE Adviser (KTP and Student Projects) on 61347 or email