Randomised Scone Trials at Dorset County Hospital

Last week, to mark International Clinical Trials Day, BU’s Clinical Research Unit (BUCRU) collaborated with BU alumna Zoe Sheppard and her research team at Dorset County Hospital to take part in their research awareness-raising ‘Randomised Scone Trial’!

The format was simple; participants, after signing a consent form, were randomised to either the ‘jam and cream’, or ‘cream and jam’ arm of the trial, and then provided subjective ratings on important scientific parameters such as taste and texture having eaten their scone. Data are yet to be analysed, but findings are expected to deliver both a high academic and societal impact. Dissemination routes are still being explored.

The event successfully garnered attention for clinical research from both hospital staff and patients alike, and was enjoyed by all. However, it was noted that the scone-containing end of the event table received slightly more attention that the leaflet/information-containing end!!