Industrial Strategy Commission Report Released

The Industrial Strategy Commission was launched on March 6th 2017. The first comprehensive report on how the UK government will make long-term investments into innovative business related activity and research has been released and may be found here.

Much of the report focuses on the requirements of an economic management strategy and the vision of what it is expected long-term investment will lead towards. A short summary of this may be found here.

How to use this information:

  1. Check to see if the research you are planning to undertake may fit under the foundational vision set forth in the report
  2. Consider if the research you plan to undertake can be made to contribute to this vision with some alteration
  3. Be prepared- funding calls from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund may come at short notice from a number of funding sources.

For Bournemouth University academics who may have queries about how your research may fit within future schemes, please contact Ehren Milner ( or Lisa Gale-Andrews (