Centre for Qualitative Research – Centre Membership

The Centre for Qualitative Research (CQR) is is part of The Faculty of Health & Social Sciences. CQR is an internationally recognised resource for knowledge transfer activities and for the alignment of teaching and qualitative research.

The Centre in Qualitative Research acknowledges a history of achievements and expertise which serves as a focus for emerging developments in: Humanising Health and Social Care;  Performative Social Science and Arts-based Research;  Narrative and Biographic Research; and  Novel and Innovative Research including auto-ethnography, poetic inquiry, fiction, creative use of media including Research as Film.

Website: https://research.bournemouth.ac.uk/centre/centre-for-qualitative-research/

Twitter: @BUQualitative

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/54608373386/


Current Membership

Kip Jones (Director), Anne Quinney, Carol Bond, Carol Pound, Caroline Ellis-Hill (Deputy Director), Judith Chapman, Immy Holloway, Sarah Collard, Michele Board, Sheila Brooks, Catherine Hennessey (Visiting Prof), Karen Rees, Jennifer Roddis, Karen Cooper, Maria (Camila) Devis-Rozental, Wendy Cutts.

Associate Members

Lorraine Brown, Jenny Hall, Trevor Hearing (Media), Lee-Ann Fenge, Jacqueline Priego, Clare Cutler, Jen Leamon, Janet Scammell, Jonathan Parker, Jane Fry, Nikki Glendening, Vanessa Heaslip, Mark Readman (Media), Sara Crabtree, Ben Hicks, Maggie Hutchings, Andy Mercer, Jill Phillips, Lynn Rutter, Carly Stewart, Emma Kavanagh.

Post Grad Affiliates

Clare Gordon, Peter Wolfensberger, Kathleen Vandenberghe, Louise Oliver, Karen Cooper, Elizabeth Gauntlett, Mevalyn Cross, Camila Devis-Rozental, Sally Lee, Manaya Podee, Paul Leal