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Are you or your students looking for media and communications projects? The following projects are available in the Student Project Bank:

SPB009: Using social media platforms as a promotional tool for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Evaluate how a small business could use social media platforms to achieve growth.

SPB034: Video series to raise awareness of addiction and The Recovery Course

Create a series of short videos to educate people around addiction and to promote St Swithuns Recovery Course. There will be the opportunity to work with the recovery ministry head, observe the course and to interview some members of the recovery course. These videos will be used as part of a national marketing and promotion campaign.

SPB039: Social media marketing plan for QuietSphere Student Mentoring

Description: Create a social media strategy aimed at university students and parents of university aged children/ university students in order to raise the profile of QuietSphere Student Mentoring.

SPB045: Social media marketing and management plan for a local charity

Help connect millions of people to the help they need when they need it and allow millions to offer their help to those less fortunate or in need. Help-in is a charity that aims to create a new social media platform designed to increase volunteering both hands on and virtually. Design a social media marketing plan for a crowdfunding campaign and create a management plan for the marketing plan.

SPB060: Rebrand of workplace health and wellbeing company

Midlands Workplace Wellbeing Ltd works with employers to create happy and healthy employees through consultancy, training and health activities. Help Midlands Workplace Wellbeing Ltd rebrand the business as Mindful Workplace Wellbeing. They are looking to find a new identity that has impact whilst still remaining professional in order to increase their client base.

SPB061: “I didn’t know that” – Good End of Life Care educational video for staff at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Create a short video about good End of Life Care for healthcare professionals at Poole Hospital. Good End of Life Care should focus on helping people who may be approaching end of life to Live Well. The true definition of End of Life Care is “all of the care received in the last year of life” (recognising that this could extend to more than a year, or be shorter). By simply educating healthcare professionals in the definition of End of Life Care and highlighting that everyone who works in healthcare is in part responsible for delivering end of life care, we can improve care across Dorset. The video must be informative, but delivered in a very imaginative and fun way.

SPB068: Raising the Profile of Bradford Abbas Village

The aim of this project is to provide better information about the village for visitors and members of the community. The information is to be both historical and current; i.e. an ‘interpretation board’ that explains the history, people and places associated with the village; and the ‘village plan statement’ located on the Parish Council website. This project will involve working with Bradford Abbas Parish Council and Bradford Abbas History Society.

SPB083: The Shine Project health and wellbeing event

The Shine Project ran their first Health and Wellbeing Event in June 2017. The aim of the event was to inspire girls to think positively about themselves and encourage good physical and mental health. The event was held at Bournemouth Pavilion and had exhibition stands from 22 different organisations including local charities, youth services and businesses. In addition to the stands, the girls were encouraged to take part in one of the many different timetabled workshops such as drama, dance, music or mindfulness. Over the course of the day over 200 girls from 12 different schools attended and 99% of the girls said that they would do it again.

The Shine Project would like to run the event again in February 2019. There are a variety of opportunities available including event management, marketing and communication, media production and audio visual.

SPB084: Stop Plastic Seas petition promotion

Stop Plastic Seas is petitioning the UK Government to introduce a national awareness day against the plastic in our seas. This is spearheaded by member of the local community who became concerned about the amount of plastic encountered in the sea when they went swimming.  The project aims to raise public awareness and increase education around this problem in the local and national community. A national awareness day about plastics in the sea will provide an annual focus where all organisations and individuals against plastics in our seas can come together to raise awareness and collaborate. Formulate a plan to promote this petition so it receives more than 100,000 signatures by April 2018.

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