Centre for Midwifery, Maternal and Perinatal Health (CMMPH)

CMMPH focuses on research in midwifery, maternal and perinatal care. Academic researchers associated with the group employ a wide spectrum of research approaches, ranging from qualitative to quantitative research and from mixed-methods studies to systematic reviews. They also cover a range of different topics, with studies undertaken locally in Dorset and the South of England, nationally across the UK, and internationally as far afield as Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and the USA. We currently have 21 doctoral students working on a wide variety of projects both local and international.

Research focuses on the following broad areas

  • Improving maternal outcomes in low and middle income countries
    1. Early labour
    2. Maternal health and the media
  • Breastfeeding
  • Midwifery professional and maternal education
  • Other clinical studies


Current Members

Edwin van Teijlingen (Head), Sue Way (Deputy), Catherine Angell, Luisa Cescutti-Butler, Simon Dyall, Sarah Emberley, Jane Fry, Vanora Hundley, Denyse King, Jen Leamon, Lesley Milne, Sara Stride, Alison Taylor, Fotini Tsofliou, Carol Wilkins, Pramod Regmi, Juliet Wood.

 Associate Members

Ann Luce, Andrew Mayers (Sci-tech).


Dana Colbourne (staff), Rebecca Cousins, Liz Davey (staff), Hannah Haydock, Debbee Houghton (staff), Rie Inomata, Michelle Iriving, Alice Ladur, Preeti Mahato, Susan Mant (staff), Amy Miller, Dominique Mylod, Isabell Nessell, Stella Rawnson (staff), Layla Toomer, Daisy Wiggins (staff), Donna Wixted, Iro Arvanitidou, Charlotte Clayton.

Visiting Faculty

Jo Alexander, Debra Bick, Sheena Byrom, Suzanne Cunningham, Jillian Ireland, Minesh Khashu, Gwyneth Lewis, Paul Lewis, Ans Luyben, Wendy Marsh, Zoe Matthews, Emma Pitchforth, Samridhi Pradhan, Kath Ryan, Brijesh Sathian, Rob Sawdy, Bibha Simkhada, Padam Simkhada, Mandy Forrester.