New projects in the Student Project Bank!

There are new projects in the SPB for dissertations, unit work or extra-curricular experience. Projects are available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students at BU and can be used for dissertations, assignments, unit, or group work.

SPB105: Broadstone Pantomime Productions website re-development

Broadstone Pantomime Productions is looking to overhaul their web presence to enable them to better market their productions and provide more information about the company to those who would like to be involved. Work with Broadstone Pantomime Productions to evaluate their current website, establish their needs and re-design their website.

SPB106: Broadstone Pantomime Productions re-branding exercise

Broadstone Pantomime Productions is looking to update their brand. Work with them to evaluate their needs and establish and update brand including look and feel, marketing strategy and advertising.

SPB108: BChangemakers Campaign: video series

The Fable Bureau has been commissioned by Bournemouth Churches Housing Association (BCHA) to run their BChangemakers Campaign. It celebrates 50 years of providing services to vulnerable people across the South of England. Over the next 12 months they will be publishing stories on the campaign website of inspiring change makers in order to inspire others to make similar changes.

This project aims to generate up to 15 2-2.5 minute films celebrating people that have made changes in their lives in order to inspire others to make similar changes in their own lives. These films will be posted on the BChangemakers website. Fable Bureau is open to discussion about the number of films. This opportunity is open to multiple groups of students.

SPB110: Algilez Artificial Language mobile app redevelopment

Algilez is an artificial language. The intention is that it could be used both for international communication and also within those countries which have a large number of local languages and whose development is held back by a lack of easy communication. In order to further promote the language we would like to provide a good quality mobile phone app to enable more convenient individual learning, as an alternative to conventional classroom learning.  The app has already been created, but it needs improvement and some additional features.

Research the best practice of existing online language learning apps to see what features could be incorporated into a mobile app and assist with the re-development.

SPB111: The Shine Project health and wellbeing event promotional video

The Shine Project is a local registered charity working with young teenage girls in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch primarily in economically deprived areas. For the last 10 years Shine has impacted over 1220 young lives by running 8-week health and mental wellbeing courses. Their mission is to provide a friendly, non-judgemental, safe environment where overlooked teenage girls are able to connect with others, be active, keep learning and engage in mindful activities enabling the development of healthy physical and mental wellbeing.  Every teenage girl deserves to recognise her value and potential. The Shine Project ran their first Health and Wellbeing Event in June 2017. The aim of the event was to inspire girls to think positively about themselves and encourage good physical and mental health. Over 200 girls from 12 schools attended, and 99% said they would go again.

The Shine Project would like to run the event again in February 2019. Create a promotional video to encourage schools to send girls to the event.

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