Weymouth patient praises care from research staff at Dorset hospital

Related to the increase in participants recruited to clinical research, the variety of studies and opportunity to participate have likewise increased.

Dorset County Hospital appeared in the media recently due to the praise received by one of their trial participants. You can read the article here on Wessexfm’s website.

Our local Clinical Research Network (CRN) likewise published the good news, and signpost the Research Activity League Table, where you can see how much clinical research is happening, where, in what types of trusts, and involving how many patients.

Within the CRN’s article, Dr Zoe Sheppard, Head of Research at DCH, and Rebecca McKay, Chief Operating Officer of the Wessex CRN signpost the fantastic recruitment achieved by DCH over the last year, and the growing opportunity for people to participate in research, in turn improving care and treatments.

As always, if you’re interesting in running your own research in the NHS, get in touch with Research Ethics.