A Fantastic Global Experience on the Way! Round tables with Global Connections- 6 th December 2019😇 From 2pm – 3.30 pm

This post is correct the mistake in yesterday’s post. The date of the event is 6th December 2019 and not October.

Dr Kaouther Kooli, Dr Hiroko Oe, Dr Elvira Bolat and Ediz Akcay will be running simulations round tables with B2B firms from Dorset and Tunis. we will be exploring with two groups of firms from each country how deep transformations have changed the firms taking part in the round table. Details are as follow:
Dr Kaouther Kooli, Dr Hiroko Oe and Ediz Akcay (ECR)will be running the round tables with B2B firms in Tunis and they have already arranged a room with the necessary equipments.
Dr Elvira Bolat and Emre Arslan, will be in a room equiped with skype (Room TBC).
Academics and PGRs from BU are very welcome to participate and provide any comments. Please feel free to email Kaouther on :kkooli@bournemouth.ac.uk.
Details about the session will posted on Research Blog soon.
This round table is on the first day of the conference duration ‘ Deep Transformations and the Future of Organisations’. The conference is organised by BU and other international universities, where Kaouther represents BU as an organiser and Kaouther, Hiroko and Ediz will chair the sessions during the conference.