Follow-up from Tuesday’s COVID-19 research funding briefing call

Many thanks to those of you who participated in this week’s briefing call. By way of follow up, please see the notes below:

  • Do refer to the questions posed by UKRI looking for answers to specific research challenges – these  can be found here:
  • If you are looking for international partners, then our colleague Dr Alastair Morrison, would be delighted to assist. Please do contact him directly.
  • If you are approaching other non HE business partners, please do keep Ehren Milner and Ian Jones (OVC) in the loop.
  • With regards to developing work with respect to communications and C19, I would recommend speaking to An Nguyen/Einar Thorsen/Ann Hemingway/Dan Jackson/Darren Baines.
  • We strongly recommend that your proposal is collaborative and rapidly (i.e. within weeks ideally) delivers societal/economic impact.
  • Projects already can be funded here: (although I would anticipate a shift in what is funded in-terms of needs of society as the pandemic progresses – and Research England have assured us they are looking for proposals not just from the Russell Group).
  • If you are looking to connect with colleagues, I would recommend speaking to your Research Facilitator who can link you up with relevant colleagues – either with a bid in progress, or with a suitable knowledge base.
  • It is worth getting updates from Research Professional if you are not already – this is one of the most rapidly evolving funding environments I’ve seen in 20 years of Higher Education!

A summary of where you can find out further information with respect to the calls discussed:


With many thanks and best wishes