Getting started with research at BU – videos

Research Development and Support (RDS) run induction sessions for all new starters and those who want a refresher in research. We recently revamped these so that we could have more interactive conversation on the induction day. In order to do this, we created a series of videos, which were sent to attendees three weeks’ beforehand.

We’re now making these videos available to all BU staff who want to get started with research at BU or want a refresher.

The videos can be found on Brightspace. The link should take you to the section ‘RDS Academic and Researcher Induction’ (if it doesn’t, you just need to scroll down to this section). There are nine videos in total (most are quite short and the longest one (five) runs to ~20 minutes). The video topics are:

  1. Overview of research at BU and Research Development and Support (RDS)
  2. Overview of the Funding Development Team
  3. Overview of the Project Delivery Team
  4. Overview of the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team
  5. Applying for Research Funding at BU
  6. Managing your awarded grants
  7. Research Outputs
  8. Research Ethics
  9. Research Impact

If you can’t access the Brightspace link, please contact us at

As a reminder, you can find a whole host of supporting information on research at BU on the research blog under ‘research toolkit‘ and ‘research lifecycle‘.