RDS Academic and Researcher Induction – 19th May 2021

The Research Development and Support (RDS) invite all ‘new to BU’ academics and researchers to an induction.

This event provides an overview of all the practical information staff need to begin developing their research plans at BU, using both internal and external networks; to develop and disseminate research outcomes; and maximising the available funding opportunities.


  • The primary aim of this event is to raise participants’ awareness of how to get started in research at BU or, for more established staff, how to take their research to the next level
  • To provide participants with essential, practical information and orientation in key stages and processes of research and knowledge exchange at BU

Online induction being done a little bit differently

As this will be the second induction to be held online, we’ve learned from the first one and are doing things a bit differently this time (to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’). RDS have prepared videos in advance so that attendees can watch these when suited to them before the induction day. There are nine videos in total (some are quite short, and the more important ones (on process) run to ~20 minutes) and all are available on Brightspace. The video topics are

  1. Overview of research at BU and Research Development and Support (RDS)
  2. Overview of the Funding Development Team
  3. Overview of the Project Delivery Team
  4. Overview of the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team
  5. Applying for Research Funding at BU
  6. Managing your awarded grants
  7. Research Outputs
  8. Research Ethics
  9. Research Impact

These will be sent in advance (aiming for three weeks’ beforehand) to those attending the induction.

On the day of the induction, we will run an interactive session where attendees can meet their RDS faculty-facing staff, and have the opportunity to ask any questions on any of the topics above, or anything else RDS related that they need more information on. There will be breakout rooms for each faculty, as well as a room for Research Outputs and Ethics, and a room for Research Impact and Knowledge Exchange. The main room will remain open for any questions on strategy and research at BU. This will be a great opportunity to meet your RDS colleagues and to get 1-2-1 advice.

The fourteenth induction will be held on Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 9.30-11am, online.

If you would like to attend the induction then please book your place through Organisational Development and you can also visit their pages here.

We hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you.


The RDS team (this photo was obviously taken pre-pandemic)