Eager for your research to fly? Let it grow wings with funding and facilitation

If you are passionate about your research and believe that it has potential for societal or scholarly impact, our excellent Research, Development & Support (RDS) services – which provide a one-stop shop for all your bidding needs –  are on hand to help you realise your academic or humanitarian aspirations. We have several dedicated and specialist teams within RDS, but here we highlight how our Research Facilitators, who operate across BU’s faculties, centres and institutions, can support you in your research endeavours. Examples of research facilitation services include:

  • Horizon scanning for the best, bespoke or most relevant sources of funding for your research idea/project;
  • Advice on and assistance with multidisciplinary consortium-building by connecting you with colleagues from other disciplines internally and externally, and facilitating liaison with industry, government, charities and third sector stakeholders;
  • Exploration with you of your research idea/s and their alignment with BU’s strategic narratives and 4 strategic investment areas (SIAs: Assistive Technology[AT], Medical Science[MS], Sustainability, Low Carbon Technology & Materials Science[SLCTMS], and Animation, Simulation, Visualisation[ASV]) to optimise support for ambitious projects;
  • Assistance with all aspects of bid development, to include Case for Support conceptualisation, project management support and timeline co-ordination, information and guidance concerning mandatory financial, legal and other internal approvals, submission system advice and sundry ancillary elements of the bidding process;
  • Advice on grant drafting and how best to meet funders’ requirements, together with the services of specialist External Academic Reviewers (EARs) for high-value bids;
  • For Early or Mid Career Researchers (ECRs/MCRs) who may not yet be ready to apply for funding but have the germ of a promising research idea, RDS is there to help advance the idea from inception and rough plan through to mature articulation and fundable bid.

We frequently see that bids with the highest chance of success generally have had time on their side: time to mature conceptually, to build strong and dedicated internal and external collaborations and partnerships, to identify the best possible source/s of funding for the types of project or program envisaged, and to become solidly conversant with the nature of funding calls and funders’ differential requirements.

However, the brilliant idea is only the start: there is much to be done to transform this into an awarded project delivering manifest societal or scholarly impact and ensuing rewards. Committed to you and your research, our specialist Research Facilitators are here to guide you through this process individually as an academic, or as part of a bidding team.

So, whether you are an adventurous ECR new to the funding landscape or a seasoned researcher with a track record of awarded grants, do ensure you take advantage of the consummate skills of our friendly and experienced Research Facilitators.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Nicolette Barsdorf-Liebchen at nbliebchen@bournemouth.ac.uk for further information