Congratulations to Recipients of the ‘Doctoral College Outstanding Contribution Award’!

The Doctoral College team have been delighted with the nominations that have come in over the last month for the ‘Doctoral College Outstanding Contribution Awards’. We wish to extend our congratulations to all recipients who have recently received their award certificate.

Here are some of the heartfelt nominations we have received:

“She is one of the most lovely people I have met since joining BU. She is always ready to help and inspire students with her kindness, wisdom and knowledge.”

“She is an outstanding supervisor, superb at challenging me, supporting the development of my research/critical thinking skills.”

“He is incredibly knowledgeable and has provided me with outstanding levels of support and stellar guidance during my PhD journey so far.”

“She has established an inclusive culture in the department where we always feel included and have the opportunities to develop as researchers.”

“She is a PGR representative and is always there whenever a fellow PGR needs any help, academic and personal. She helped me in academic writing and to understand several research methods.”


Why not make someone’s day and take five minutes and nominate a PGR, academic or professional staff member for a Doctoral College Outstanding Contribution Award to say thanks and give recognition for their hard work?

These awards recognise the outstanding contributions to postgraduate research degrees at BU by any PGR, academic or professional staff member. They can be nominated throughout the year by any member of the postgraduate research community to anyone that they feel is exceptional, has exceeded expectations, and has had a positive impact on the postgraduate research culture at BU.


You can nominate anyone involved in postgraduate research at Bournemouth University to receive an award certificate. There are no award criteria, as long as the submission falls within the guidelines, whoever you’ve selected will receive a Doctoral College Outstanding Contribution Award!

How to nominate

We’ve made it really easy for you to nominate someone for a Doctoral College Outstanding Contribution Award – it’s just a short online nomination form!