WAN Webinar ‘Online harassment of women scientists in the public eye’. Friday 29 April 11.00-13.00

Trolling and online harassment on social media platforms is a uniquely ugly phenomenon of our time but one that targets some more than others; and where women in the public domain are likely to be subject to high levels of gratuitous abuse in an attempt to undermine them towards potential self-censorship. An overt form of misogyny, owing to these gendered characteristics, when women offer their opinions or demonstrate their expertise offensive and bullying comments can be greatly escalated in terms of harm, not only to individuals, but to society in general by suppressing ideas, intellectual knowledge and stifling public debate, as well, crucially, as silencing women’s voices.

This week the Women’s Academic Network at Bournemouth University are hosting a special webinar featuring three prestigious Independent Sage women scientists with personal experience of online harassment in the delivery of important public health messages across the media during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Our esteemed panellists are:

Professor Susan Michie, Professor Health Psychology, University College London. Independent Sage member

Dr Deepti Gurdasani, Senior Lecturer in Machine Learning, Queen Mary, University of London.

Professor Christina Page, Professor of Operational Learning, University College London. Independent Sage member.

The webinar will offer a reflective, exploratory and discursive session facilitated by Dr Emma Kavanagh, Senior Lecturer of Sports Psychology and Coaching Sciences at Bournemouth University.

The event will be opened by the Pro-Chancellor of Bournemouth University, Dr Sue Sutherland, OBE and chaired by Professor Sara Ashencaen Crabtree, WAN Convenor.

This is an open-to-all, free webinar, to which we warmly welcome all BU staff and students as well as the general public.

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We look forward to seeing you there!